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That was kinda weak. Not one of the jokes made me laugh, and the conversation suddenly went from Timesplitters itself to sniper rifles in FPS games. Even that wasn't played out well.

You may not want to hear this, but i make reviews to help artists, showing both bad AND good points in a flash. This flash was not made very well, so i suggest some improvements.

1. Work on subjects that people actually think is funny. I have played Timesplitters my self and, though I encountered sniper rifle problems, thought the joke here was not funny.

2. If you are trying to do the "Random Laugh" style, you have to throw a lot of randomness in there. That's what Egoraptor himself did.

Those two are all I want to say for improving. The animation was OK, and so were the voices, but the flash didn't make me laugh, or giggle, so this flash deserves a 4\10


I don't really get it. A person dancing to some happy song with a gun to his head? I really didn't get it. Next time make sure users actually understand the point of the flash. Loops like this one especially have to have thought put into them, or they turn out just plain weak. Not funny


Lalo responds:

dude, it was SUPOSSED to be pointless! its inspired by other "username the bee" flashes around the net. i did it in like 2 hours so its obvious i wasnt being serious with this.

Loved It

Excellent job, I wish I could hear the voice in the song though, I really likethe lyrics.

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OMG, this tutorial is helping me soo much! Thank you for posting. Music is awesome too!

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Pretty good, except I'm already guessing who the murderer was. It's too obvious. I'm still playing though, and It's pretty enjoyable, so 10\10!


Dude, this stunk. The controls are bad, the camera and shooting is bad, and graphics are lame. Also, why are there no checkpoints? This sucks.

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I really like this! Why did you call it Blue Hedgehog though?


Sounds like something Egoraptor would do for his menu! Nice job!


Gotta give this a ten. Excellent remix, and I love that guitar!

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