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Good and Bad News

2008-08-04 17:21:32 by gunnchief

Bad News:

The computer fried when I tried to put a new chip in. I should've believed one of my friends when he said not to upgrade compaqs. That's the last time i buy one of those :( Oh well, the computer was really slow anyway.

Good News: I've been saving up, and now I may have enough to get a 1.5 ghz Dell online! If i can get the remaining money shipped from what I sold, i should have enough! The flashes will start coming back once I get it, so don't worry

No flash

2008-05-16 12:14:34 by gunnchief

You guys are probably wondering why I haven't posted the sequel to my sprite series, or any videos at all. Well, my computer has really conked out, leaving me with a backup computer that's


32mb Nvidia TNT2

256mb Ram

However, I'm trying to upgrade my computer, so light shall shine on it's dusty parts!

Bass's Adventure

2008-01-07 17:42:47 by gunnchief

Of course I can't post the new episode in 2 weeks. I want to make my sprite flash's with action and interesting story, and that takes time. Also, I am using my bro's computer, so I can't get on all the time. But when I get the chance, I'm working on It.